Benefits of Artificial Turf/
Synthetic Turf

Benefits of Artificial Turf

Benefits of Artificial Turf/Synthetic Grass/Artificial Grass in new mexico

Synthetic Grass/ Artificial Turf is an excellent alternative to traditional lawns. Always Green NM saves you time AND money while providing the perfect solution to New Mexico’s dry and desert climate. Choosing Synthetic Grass/Artificial Turf Improves your quality of life as well as helping the environment! Take a look and the many advantages and benefits of Synthetic Grass/Artificial Turf:

Your Investment Lasts Many Years

Low Maintenance, No Need to Water or Feed

Safe for Your Family - No Fertilizers or Pesticides

No Need to Mow, Never Deal with Weeds Again

It Will Always Look and Feel Great

Kids and Dogs Love it

Because artificial lawns do not need weed killers, fertilizers, pesticides or many other chemicals, they are totally safe for any child to play on. Many cities are opting to use artificial lawns in place of natural grass in public spaces for this reason. View our Gallery to see why artificial turf/synthetic lawns are the right choice.

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ProFlow Technology Available

We use a non-perforated backing that drastically affects the drainage efficiency of synthetic turf. ProFlow is a patent-pending, non-perforated technology that does not require holes in the backing for drainage. Despite the fact that it has no holes, it is still completely permeable and increases the drainage capacity by 100%.

Combining ProFlow with our moisture-resistant fibers, you can be confident that our artificial grass will be cleaner, drier and free from any unpleasant pet odors. ProFlow eliminates all of the problems associated with perforated backings including particles clogging the holes and interfering with the drainage efficiency and even weeds growing through the drainage holes.

The ProFlow backing is comprised of two heavy gauge woven layers, one five pick layer and a final coating of a high-viscosity polyurethane compound. Before this compound is applied to the turf, it’s injected with air that creates passages that allow for free flow drainage. ProFlow will provide a percolation rate that stays consistent throughout the life of your turf system.

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“We love that we can go from our pool to the lawn and right back in.  No more dirt and grass in the pool, and the lawn is safe from the chlorine!”

At ProGreen, the term “Made in the USA” genuinely means that all of our artificial turf products are 100% manufactured in our USA-based facilities. Artificial grass is produced in two phases: yarn extrusion and tufting. The yarn extrusion is the process of creating the fibers, while tufting is securing these fibers to the backing.

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We have been installing beautiful lawns since 2011. Let us design and install your dream artificial lawn today. Whether you are a homeowner or a business, we can offer you the very best options for your budget. Contact us today to make your dream a reality!